Remove iCloud activation on your iPhone

This blog will help you to bypass icloud activation screen lock on your iPhone. The software on this blog can bypass the activation screen lock on your iPhone 4 , iPhone 4s , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5s , iPhone 5c , iPod and iPad. I will present to you the solution how to solve the problem if you have any of thise devises that is unlock. If you have iPhone that is with icloud lock screen then you are about to bypass icloud activation if you use the software bellow on this page. I will offer you the software in this post and I will explane you how to use it so you can use your devise agen. All you need to do to remove icloud activation screen lock on your devise is to download the software bellow , and follow the proces that i will present bellow. You are just a couple of minutes far from using your device. Please just pay attencion  on the steps bellow. Get start:


First download the software by click on the download botton bellow:


Then unzip this file in your computer. 

Then follow this steps bellow one by one:

Step 1. Instal the latest version on iTunes on your PC.
Step 2. Put your Device in DFU mode, when will up the new susteam you need to start the Removal iCloud Activation Tool.
Step 3. Now click on Start button to process the bypass iCloud process.
Step 4. When will be complete this process will restore auto your iPhone.
Step 5. When will restart your iPhone, is need to set your new device and the activation will be remmove from your iPhone.

When you will make all this steps you will unlock icloud activation screen lock on your device. The download is for free but you must make one or two survey. Please pay attention on the survey and don’t rush, make it step by step and your software will be download. 


28 thoughts on “Remove iCloud activation on your iPhone

  1. Thanks , i just bypass my iPhone 5c using this software. After more than 30 fake pages this is the real thing. Thankssss …. I will reccomend this page to my friends.

  2. Nice . Best toll that you can find on internet ! Trust me a spend so much time to solve the problem whit icloud activation lock on my iPhone 5 and finally i solve it whit software from this page

  3. Thanks for shere this tool whit us Admin . By the way the bypass icloud activation tool is amazing 🙂 . I test it on iPhone 4s and it WWWWWWWWorks 🙂 Thanks

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